The death of creativity?

That Sir Ken Robinson's message from 2007 is being discussed 10 years later suggests that there is still a resonance in his message. Admittedly Sir Ken is still beating his drum regarding how schools seem to disempower students, hence Hendrick's reason for his challenge. This, however, isn't a new claim. shows that it's been known since shortly after Picasso's death that "Every Child Is an Artist. The Problem Is How to Remain an Artist Once He or She Grows Up". In the U.K. (and to some extent in the US) we have privileged knowing answers over finding methods of solving. When we set the bar so low for so long (in my experience over the last 4 years we see this privilege of knowledge more in secondary than in primary. I think our Primary schools are some of the most creative places that I've ever visited) then we arrest the progress of those who are able to be creative until just everyone knows everything expected of them. 

However, there is another way. 

Put creativity at the very heart of everything that students do. Give them the opportunity to be creative in every lesson of Maths, Science, MFL, History, PE, etc. Curiosity begets creativity and vice versa. 

This article from Forbes shows not only why students lose their creativity but how to bring it back. If many of our business leaders are demanding creative employees then is it wrong to meet this demand?

The chances are you're reading this on a little device held in the palm of your hand. You're now looking at your fingers and suddenly you're struck by the amazing creativity required to turn my thoughts into words on a screen via simple manipulations of voltages from a tiny cell. No one "remembered" how to create a smartphone; someone took what we had and pushed the envelope. Creativity allows you to harness the potential of the human spirit. We have progressed as a society through creative leaps. The only reason I see to limit creativity is to limit the advancement of society. And I, for one, wouldn't be so arrogant to think that we'd achieved all that we can. That's for those who have succumbed to the end-of-history illusion.