The death of an industry

I have an unfortunate skill. It's not one that I like to shout about so I hope that you won't tell anyone.

Let's see if you can guess what it is.

As a young lad, I worked in David Kong's Chinese Takeaway, Wath on a Friday and Saturday night. I wasn't paid anything but I could eat as much food as I liked.

I delivered newspapers for Keith French's newsagency, Wath.

I played squash at St. James Squash Club Wath.

I worked at Ceridec Ltd. Wath.

I worked for CRS Ltd in Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield, Pontefract, Leeds, Leigh, Nelson and Stratford.

I owned a Post Office in Wath.

I worked at an IKEA contact centre in Wath.

I worked for the DWP in Wath.

Here is my skill. Perhaps I could use it to my advantage.

Try to find any of those businesses. You can't. They've all gone. Closed or demolished.

The Luddites would have been pleased with me.