When is a horse like a cat?

So followers of this blog will be aware that I recently had a very odd encounter with not one but two wild cats. Well now is the time to update everyone (both of you!)  of the findings.

Firstly, I honestly felt that I was in the presence of two very big animals. Nothing I go on to say will change my perception on the night in question. Even now, I can still picture the great beasts prowling about the field.

Secondly, I am a rational person with no history of nuttiness. Unless you look at my Marathon/Snicker consumption over the years.

On the morning after my sighting I decided to look around where I saw the cats.

Looking for a needle in a haystack!

As you can see from the picture, there is a lot of farmland to search. We are famous in our village for "The Cat and Man church" where a Knight was attacked by a wild cat. There is a historical precedent in our village for the fuller feline.

Anyway, I walked my dogs around their usual field whilst listening to the anaesthetic noise of "The Archers" podcast. If a cat was going to pounce on me it would have to get past my two dogs and me; a bloke that hasn't yet had his first cup of coffee. Needless to say there is no attack to report.

When I arrived back home at about 5.45am I decided to walk down the field to the place where the cats had been seen. It was beyond first light and I felt no fear as I walked through the horses field.

As I approached the bottom of the field I stopped.

Right where I had seen the cats last night by torchlight I now saw the low-slung back of an animal that was moving from one side of the field to the other. It wasn't black but dark brown.

My heart stopped for a moment.

I then realised that my cat was in front of me. Only it wasn't a cat. I was seeing the cut-off view of a dark brown horse that was in another field about 4 foot lower than my horses' field. Not only that, but the farmer had recently removed part of the hedgerow meaning that I had a clear view into a field that was once obscured by foliage.

Put together these things:
1 - Wild, stampeding horses with odd whinnying noises occurring.
2 - A dark night with nothing but a powerful torch to pick out eyes and bodies of unknown animals.
3 - A total of 10 eyes in a field with only 3 horses in it.
4 - The low-slung bodies of animals smaller than horses attached to the extra eyes.
5- Living in a village with a history of large cat sightings.

I challenge you to come to any other conclusion than the one I arrived at.

I am now of the opinion that my cat sighting was in fact a horse sighting. But this is the closest that I hope to come to seeing big cats loose in our village.