What do you think?

We all have a default setting.

This is the way that we are when we try to do something but we don't quite know what to do. As an adult, we see this as having experience to draw on; really old adults tend to act the same way regardless of the stimulus. We tend to call them stubborn or dogmatic. Perhaps you know someone like that?

As children don't have any really substantial experience to draw on, they act in one of two ways. They either try (we call these children achievers) or they withdraw from the task (we call these children risk-averse). I wonder about the relevance of the world that our children live in and the adult world that they will soon inhabit. Children should experience a range of activities such that they have some type of experience to draw on when they start facing adult life.

Is it just possible that our children now lack some fundamental skills?

Is the fact that they increasingly inhabit a virtual world likely to cause a detachment from the real, physical world? A world of weight and texture that allows for reason due to inertia and sensory feedback.

I increasingly notice that children have an intolerance of their physical environment. As adults we may attribute this to one of  many factors e.g. selfishness or lack of self-control. I wonder if it is more than that.

Perhaps it is as simple as this: If our children are allowed to inhabit a world that they know and control (let's call it console-land), what are the probable outcomes of putting them in an environment that they can't control?

It depends on their default setting.