It's show time!

I think that the time has come to plan the next chapter of my life.

To put it in simple terms, I'm 40 this year and this planet hasn't had to be re-branded: "Earth, home of Craig Parkinson".

The reason for this is two-fold:

1 - I only live on part of Earth so there is no special claim that I can make of its name.
2 - My accomplishments have been globally insignificant.

What I do know is that I haven't really "gone-for-it". My projects have been at the best regional. The impact that has been made as a result of my ventures have been felt by scores of people but I feel very unfulfilled regarding this.

This isn't megalomania but a desire to break through onto the national stage. What I'm feeling is totally charged and energised to cause a difference.

But where to channel my energies?

This isn't a job application in case you are reading it thinking I am after something. I'm not.

What I have to do now is think BIG. That can only mean one thing. Running my own business. Yes, you heard it here first! I'm looking at working freelance.

There are two areas that I can see me moving into.

One is the entertainment business; not stand-up on a Saturday but the sort of comedy that is national. I enjoy writing. I am a natural performer. I can inspire with humour and intelligence. I can recognise quality humour in other people. I can teach. I can coach. I can be humble and modest.

The other area is in education. My vision regarding education is one of creating the correct place for each pupil to study in.

I could design an education system. Right here, right now. It would work better than the system in the UK that has evolved.

I'm not saying that I could make every school run better. What I am saying is that I have a vision of how education could work nationally. I want to share this with people of a like mind. I want to have a dialogue with leaders and practitioners of education about how to best support our pupils. I want to make our pupils skilled in the areas that really matter to them and to society. Not with passing exams with grades that no-one believes in subjects that no-one wants in a way that no-one enjoys.

You must read that last paragraph in context. I have generalised massively for dramatic effect. There is much about our education system that works perfectly. I wouldn't propose throwing the baby out with the bath water. However I would propose throwing out the bath water rather than adding more dirty water to the bath.

An intelligent filtration system, that's what we need. Or a plug hole.

I often wonder about invention. If necessity is the mother of invention, why did the UK give us the Dyson cleaner whilst the USA gave us the i-phone?

My personal ambitions with regards to providing education are greater now than they have ever been.

My next chapter will be entitled "He did it his way!"

Let's hope it isn't a OSP.