I wanted to be a world champion.

My story will be quite different.

I'm going to tell it in reverse order starting from current day and going back to the start. Wherever that may be.

Aged 40, I coach squash. My bones and muscles won't allow me to compete anymore.

Aged 35, I start coaching squash instead of playing competitively.

Aged 32 I contract Campylobacter. I'm weakened by the food poisoning for several weeks. I stop playing squash.

Aged 30 I start playing county squash for Doncaster.

Aged 29 After several sessions on court I contact an old squash friend for him to assess how good I am. "You're a million miles away from being world ranked but play 1000 games and see where you end up."

Aged 28 I pick up a squash racket for the first time in several years. I hit the ball like an expert.  I contact my old squash coach to ask if I still had the chance to become world ranked. He says "Yes, if you are planning on playing chess; you'll never do it in squash."

Aged 14-20 I play squash solo a few times. Less than twice per year.

Aged 14 I stop playing squash due to the Miners strike and subsequent pit closures causing a lack of money to allow me to travel to play competitively.

Aged 13 D.C.Cook sponsors me for 1 year. In return I have to coach his daughter.

Aged 12 I am ranked number 1 in Britain. I'm training with the England squad.

Some world class players.

Aged 8-12 I play squash about 5 hours per day. Just about every day.

Aged 9 I am coached by Jane Wilson, then Phil Beighton. I am spotted by Malcolm Willstrop and receive coaching from him. I move on to being coached by Jonah Barrington.

Aged 8 St. James squash club opens in Wath-upon-Dearne. I lazily go on court to hit the ball with a racket. This is my game.