Whilst listening to one of my favourite podcasts (The Now Show. The Jamie Sutherland podcast on i-Tunes is pretty good too.) I now know what caused the breakdown of society.

Whilst growing up in the 1970's I watched TV programs that had one thing in common: they showed adult worlds in animation. Think of Trumpton, Camberwick Green, Paddington and Mr Benn. They all allowed children to see how easy it was to inhabit the world of - let's be honest - middle class adults. I'm fairly certain that many children had their idea of appropriate behaviour dictated by these delightful programs.

Can we assume that through exposing children to such shows, we caused the current 40 year olds to be the last generation of reasonable citizens?

Since then, childrens' TV programs have demonstrated a world of childhood to children; they don't allow for development toward adulthood. Look at programs like Tracy Beaker. They show adults to be the enemy, something to be despised. Why would any child want to be like an adult when they identify with the child?

The idea of empathy TV has, in my opinion, caused children to no longer respect adults in the same way that my generation do.

Our generation watched TV. We grew up as children that should be seen and not heard.

Many people know that there are plenty of youngsters today that are obscene, just like the herd.

Bring back Trumpton.

It'll clear up Trampton.