Pieces of eight, pieces of eight

One of the dangers of Twitter is that of inadvertent plagiarism. I have never knowingly stolen someone elses tweets. It has happened to me. At first it was flattering but eventually I felt affronted. Unfortunately Twitter don't offer counselling for the victims of pun-theft so I just had to get on with my life!

However Twitter has a problem. When Twitter account holders set out to pass off other peoples' tweets as their own, and they do this openly without acknowledging the author, they risk bringing their own name into disripute.

I propose a solution.

We need an alternative. Twitter need to set up "Myna bird" or "Parrot" accounts. Anyone found violating the strict rule of comedy (Though shalt not nick-nick gags - probably Jim Davidson but made up by me) is kicked off Twitter and put in a Parrot cage account.

If Twitter don't deal with this they need to change their icon to a cuckoo.

Please avoid following @thegagthief. 'It' steals mercilessly. 'It' probably has a blog containing the comments from above.

Twitter and it's users should maintain standards. It's a bit like checking that your tomatoes are fair trade. Then chucking them at Piers Morgan.