Maths versus science

It's quite exciting in the upper atmosphere at the moment. Following a solar burp, the sun has spewed out charged particles. These have now started arriving at the atmospheric doorstep of Earth. This results in displays of the Northern lights across areas that normally see nothing more exciting than clouds in the sky.

Did I mention that National Science and Engineering (NSE) week starts today too?

We are witnessing an opening ceremony that beats anything the Olympics can do. Some people will assume that the Solar burp and the start of NSE week have been planned to coincide.

I'm certain that the timing is terrible.

Nothing quite shows the impotence of mankind like a natural event that negates the work of the greatest scientific minds. In a blink of an eye, particles that we cannot quite comprehend cause billions of pounds worth of scientific infrastructure to look as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

It would be easy to think that the gods have been angered by us as we try to push the boundaries of humanity further into the Universe. Our unwelcome exploits that cost the economy an immeasurable amount of money benefit some of the people some of the time.

If nothing else, let's use the NSE week to acknowledge that scientific arrogance further exposes our human frailties.

Mathematicians across the world will be celebrating Pi day on 3.14 (Wednesday 14th March). This looks to the past and how some things in this world are fixed.

And nothing the sun throws at it will change it. Simples.