Luddites. You should read this.

So, thanks to the brilliant "Runtastic" App on my i-Phone I am able to see how much exercise I have done since I started using it in December 2011.

I have travelled 170km (about 105 miles) in a time of 33 hours and have used up nearly 14,000 Kcalories. This is all additional to normal walking around. It doesn't include any running. And it doesn't actual include all my walks. I reckon there are another 40 miles to add to that.

When you see it like that, you soon realise just how much benefit we get from the simplest of exercise.

In the words of that great TV show of the 70's and 80's "Why Don't You switch off your" computer and do something less boring instead?

Simple reason really. We can do both. My desire to walk new walks is much improved through having apps like "Runtastic" on my i-Phone. Technology should be used to enhance what we do, not replace it.

Remember this next time you hear someone complaining about technology. It is a force for good. Unfortunately people can be a force for bad.