The Sunday Politics Show with Andrew Neil must have one of the worst adverts that I have ever seen.


I do not doubt that he lives in the house that he is filmed in. But I do feel that the BBC are misrepresenting him.

Surely Mr Neil, 62", should be shown eating. Clearly he likes his grub.I can only assume that Nigella Lawson fires her calorie packed food at him using skills developed through hours of playing Angry Birds.

Hang on though. You're right. Mr Neil is a journalistic heavyweight with a successful media career. Why then do we see him using a Dictaphone to ask four of the most generic and bland questions? Why does he speak in a way that suggests he should receive a refund from his acting school?

I like Andrew Neil but, like many people, I hate this trailer. It suggests that he is a man with poor powers of recall. The contrast of the Dictaphone and the iPad does not make me feel that this man has tamed technology. They could have gone a stage further and shown him lying on the lounge floor trying to program his Betamax recorder.

The BBC could have made this trailer even better. When he sits down at the end he should be shown reading his next guests profile. On Wikipedia.