Animal cruelty and human stupidity

Our local rag has published a story of a lady who witnessed a dog being dumped from a car. The car then drove off at high speed. The dog obviously chased after the car but eventually gave up. The lady took the dog in and called the Dog Warden service.

Now, if you are holding anything heavy, put it down.

The Dog Warden appeared 2 days later. But that isn't the worst of it.

Initially the council spoke to the lady on the telephone. The lady tried for over an hour to get through to the Council. Imagine what you would have thought if the Council would have said to you "Take the dog back to the road and release it. The dog is not your responsibility."


You mean abandon a dog that has just been abandoned? Leave it there and just walk away? Let the dog get knocked over? Let the dog annoy members of the public as it searches for a companion? Let the dog become a scavanger?

This is not a political issue. It is quite simple. The Big Society takes over when local and national Governance fails.

There is no doubt that Rotherham Council have failed, but not through reasons of procedure. This is poor human judgement. I assume that the employee acted correctly. But if they didn't then they should feel the full force of disciplinary action. I will wait to see if the council respond.

Watch out for ex-employees being thrown out of cars on lonely country lanes.